Leave behind a message for your
for after you are gone
Prepare your message.
Give recipients an access key.
They can access the message after you are gone.
Free plan available
No credit card required
Encrypted messages
How it works
Step 1
Prepare message
Prepare your handover plan. Attach any photos, videos or documents that you might want to share. At this stage, only you can access this plan.
Step 2
Create access keys
You can create recipients and give them individual access keys to your plan. If they try to access the message, you will immediately be notified. You have 14 days to respond.
Step 3
Message released
After your recipients have made the request and if we don’t hear from you after 14 days, we will assume you are no longer around and we will proceed with releasing the message.
Step 4
Read and deleted
After your recipients have confirmed that they have read your message and downloaded any relevant documents, the data will be deleted from our servers.
Don’t let it all go to wasteUnexpected things can always happen in life. We never want to plan for death because it is an ugly thought.

Gooodbye is your insurance policy that ensures that your life’s work doesn’t go to waste.

Here’s how Gooodbye makes it a little easier...

Quick set-upCreate your sample message and preview it.
You can add yourself as a recipient to send a test message to yourself.
Once you are satisfied, add the actual intended receivers and create their access keys.
Security: Access TokensWithout the correct access token, recipients won’t be able to retrieve the contents of your message.
Remind your recipients to keep these access tokens safe.
Affordable pricingA free tier is available for smaller businesses or even for personal use.
If you need more features or want to support this project, consider upgrading.
Videos, Document & FilesIf you have sensitive documents to handover, you can upload them as attachments to the messages.
Your recipients will be able to download and access these documents with their access keys.

Pricing Plans

Lifetime pricing



Get started

Create an account to decrypt a message or leave a message behind for someone

  • Encrypted messages
  • 1 messages
  • 1 recipients
  • 5Mb per message

Lifetime Pro


Get started

Gooodbye is your insurance policy that ensures that your life’s work doesn’t go to waste

  • Encrypted messages
  • 10 messages
  • 5 recipients per message
  • 100Mb attachments per message
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